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Areas and Modes of Operation

The Research Center primarily operates through focusing on three fundamental areas: 1) university education; 2) academic research; and 3) scientific dissemination.


The Research Center actively supports the study and integration of disciplines and subjects related to Buddhist and Contemplative Studies within the academic world, working to create teaching positions, develop study programs, as well as training new professionals. Its main modes of operation include:

Creating new teaching positions in Buddhist Studies, Contemplative Studies, and other disciplines;

Collaborating with universities in designing academic pathways (bachelor’s degree programs, post-graduate programs, higher education courses, and so forth) geared toward the creation of new research profiles and professions;

Contribution to the establishment of university consortia aimed at undertaking the institutional processes necessary for the development of new disciplinary fields, degree classes and professions.


The Research Center supports academic research and collaboration among scholars in relevant disciplines and subjects in various forms:

Funding of scholarships, doctoral fellowships and research positions;

Conducting research projects in collaboration with academic institutions;

Organizing conferences, symposia, seminars and think-tanks as platforms for scholars from all over the world to engage in reflection and debate.


The Research Center engages in the dissemination of information in its areas of expertise with the dual purpose of stimulating scientific debate and informing the general public:

Publishing research outcomes in both Italian and English through the Ubiliber Academia series;

Promoting the translation of classical and modern works relevant to its fields of interest, either through the Ubiliber Academia series or other publications;

Production of multimedia materials aimed at informing and raising awareness among the general public.


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